Sales Management

Do you know what your salespeople are doing? Where they are selling? Which salespeople excel at which products? Do you know where the risks in your forecasts are? How to mitigate those risks?

Managing a salesforce effectively requires a deep understanding of your salespeople, their strengths and their opportunities. Heat Map Explorer gives you a deep view of your CRM data, allowing you to see nuances that can help you and your salespeople perform better.

  • See how each salesperon’s pipeline rolls up into your sales forecast.
  • Identify key risk factors like large, low probability deals.
  • Analyze pipelines across all salespeople at once.
  • Monitor complex sales processes—stop relying on simplistic funnels.
  • Understand where and what your salespeople sell best.

Use Heat Map Explorer Desktop to analyze Excel & SQL data or use Heat Map Explorer Enterprise Edition to integrate directly into your CRM software.

  • Map out and monitor complex sales processes.
  • Identify stuck deals or areas for process improvement.
  • Filter to see how the process differs by lead source, deal type, product line or  salesperson.

This heat map shows the number of deals at each stage in a sales process. Besides the normal pipeline, this map tracks when deals are lost or put on hold, making it easy to identify issues.

  • View performance across territories by product, customer type or division.
  • Analyze salesperson performance within their territory.
  • Select areas for improvement and export to a report.

This heat map shows a single salesperson’s performance within their territory. Filters allow a manager to easily select a salesperson, product category or division. Performance metrics re-aggregate and update the map as filters are applied.

  • Analyze pipelines by salesperson, deal size and lead source.
  • Monitor thousands of opportunities at once. See your entire company’s pipeline on a single screen.
  • Hover to see details on each opportunity or for group summaries.

This heat map shows open opportunities by stage, from Qualification on the left to Verbal Yes on the right.  The color indicates the size of the opportunity. Use this heat map to ensure your pipeline remains full and to understand the type of deals going through your pipeline.

  • Analyze win/loss across multiple dimensions, e.g., salesperson vs deal type.
  • Hover to see details on individual opportunities.
  • Search for specific opportunities to highlight.
  • Apply filters to analyze only wins vs losses, or to view a sub-set of opportunities.

This heat map shows each salesperson as a row. The columns represent three different deal types: Desktop Only, Server Only and Mixed. Larger boxes represent larger deals, with red boxes losses and green boxes wins. This shows the types of deals salespeople favor and how they perform with each type of deal.

  • Understand exactly how salespeople and deals are contributing to your forecasts.
  • Filter out deals to instantly see how your forecasts change.
  • Focus efforts on the high value, high probability deals.

This heat map shows opportunities by salesperson. The size of each box indicates the size of the opportunity. The greener the box is, the higher its close probability.

Hovering over each salesperson’s name shows their weighted forecast. Applying a filter causes the forecasts to be instantly updated to only include what is shown.