Other Applications

Increase Visibility to Identify Opportunities & Reduce Risk

Heat Map Explorer is an interactive visual analysis and reporting solution that provides business executives and managers strikingly improved visibility into critical business data, and powerful insight into underlying drivers.

The result is to transform volumes of business detail into actionable insights that help keep day-to-day results aligned with business goals.

  • Increase Agility
    Be prepared to answer tomorrow’s critical questions as they arise.
  • Reduce Risk
    Recognize and respond to critical problems and patterns early.
  • Maximize Value
    Ensure that attention and resources go where they bring the best return.
  • Identify Opportunities
    Discover underlying trends that point to high-value opportunities.
  • Enhance Impact
    Build confidence among stakeholders through faster and more effective communication.

Regardless what systems you use to generate and manage your critical business data, Heat Map Explorer dramatically improves visibility into the results, helping your organization improve maintain its edge, and ensuring maximum ROI from its financial and human investments.

Business Benefits

When business performance depends on your ability to rapidly and effectively understand key business data, the Heat Map Explorer product family enables you to:

  • Improve business agility through quicker analysis, better decisions and more effective communication.
  • Align day-to-day decisions and actions with key business strategy and goals.
  • Provide visibility into critical business information for key stakeholders and even clients.
  • Reduce risk by discovering key trends before they can lead to major trouble.
  • Improve allocation of resources to ensure that they are flowing to business efforts that contribute most to business goals.
  • Improve the balance of efforts across all dimensions.

How Heat Map Visual Analysis Works

Heat map visual analysis solutions enable you to:

  • Rapidly identify trouble spots, before they are out of control
  • Understand how key details fit in the big picture
  • Reveal underlying patterns and relationships that indicate critical drivers
  • Discover resource allocation problems and opportunities

Heat maps allow you to view from hundreds to thousands of records from databases or Excel spreadsheets and to grasp in seconds where the hot-spot dangers or opportunities are, how important they are, and how they compare to other, related items. Heat maps use size, color and grouping to visually convey quantitative and other information so that even complex relationships and large volumes of information can be understood rapidly.

Keying size to measures of importance and color to measures of urgency, and grouping data according to relevant categories like location, division, manager, or type of activity, heat maps offer a powerful tool that enables more people to answer unanticipated questions far more effectively than they ever could using only standard dashboards, reports and graphs.

Ungrouped Heat MapIn the heat map at right, each box represents a single project, with size tied to budgeted cost, and color keyed to a performance index ranging from green (on-track) to red (problematic performance).

Simple reports can tell you what projects are in trouble, but lack the broader context. Yet even a simple heat map visual analysis, like that at right, allows you to rapidly identify hot spot problems and to see how those problems relate to the rest of the context – to see the big picture and vital details all at once in a single view.

Heat maps let you easily interact with data to push beyond simplistic good/bad or on-track/off-track information and to discover the underlying issues and trends that have business impact.

Grouped Heat MapFor example, a wealth of information is revealed by grouping project status data by key categories, such as the responsible manager and location of the project. Even a brief review of the heat map at right clearly reveals three critical issues:

  • The manager in the lower right is in trouble;
  • The top left manager is overloaded, with some projects approaching critical status;
  • There is a pattern of trouble with Atlanta-based projects for the manager at lower left.

Maximum Impact: Communicating Effectively

Information can only be truly valuable when it reaches those able to understand and act on it. The business impact of heat maps goes beyond their analytical value: heat maps are powerful communication tools as well.

Picture of e-mail communicationPicture of presentationPicture of web communication
Via e-mailVia presentationsVia the web

Heat Map Explorer enables effective communication in several ways.

  • Visual representations of patterns, trends and anomalies are often dramatically clearer and more effective than using words or numbers.
  • Heat Map Explorer Desktop¬†allows heat maps and heat map images to be pasted into documents or presentations, and even allow a fully interactive heat map to be e-mailed directly from within the visual analysis tool.
  • Heat Map Explorer¬†Web Viewer and Enterprise editions deliver fully interactive heat maps anywhere via the web.