Heat Map Explorer

Desktop Editions

Visual Insight for Managers

You’re a manager, not a mathematician. You look for the big picture, and rely on information presented clearly and concisely to make decisions. Staring at pages of data is not your idea of fun. Especially in a world where data is increasingly complex and decisions need to be made fast.

Now there’s a better way…

Heat Map Explorer’s desktop editions are standalone Windows applications that enable you to visually analyze business data using intuitive “heat maps”. Heat maps use color and size to rapidly communicate complex information that is nearly impossible to see on a spreadsheet.

Import data from Excel, Access or a SQL database in a few easy steps, then use a simple point-and-click interface to analyze, monitor and share your data. Export to Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents using simple copy-and-paste and export functions, or e-mail project files for complete interactivity.

The desktop editions offer a highly usable way to create and share heat maps, and provide an ideal platform for proving the value of heat map visual analysis.

Download an evaluation copy and try it free for 14 days. It’s an ideal way to analyze your sales, financial and management data.

Desktop Editions

Heat Map Explorer comes in three desktop editions, creating an easy and cost-effective way to spread the value created by heat maps throughout your business:

  • Viewer
    For busy executives, colleagues and clients who just need to view heat maps created by others. Allows them to interactively view, print and share read-only heat maps.
  • Standard
    For managers looking for trends, problems and opportunities in their business. Allows managers to create interactive heat maps of data in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.
  • Professional
    For analysts needing to connect to enterprise SQL databases. Includes all the features of Standard version plus support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2.

With Viewer, you can easily communicate key issues to senior management, colleagues, or clients. Educate, persuade and produce results by sharing your insights with others.

John creates a heat map using the Standard version and finds a problem. John sends the heat map to Outlook and composes an e-mail describing the issue. Mark views the heat map with the Viewer version, sees the issue and fixes it early.

Key Benefits of Desktop Editions

Heat Map Explorer’s desktop editions are powerful tools at your fingertips.

  • Simple to Install and Use
    Simple standard desktop installation means that it is easy to get a small number of users up and running, without the need to use precious IT staffing resources.
  • Easy Communication
    The desktop editions allow you to easily cut-and-paste heat map images into presentations and reports, and even to e-mail interactive heat maps to anyone else with a copy of any desktop edition of Heat Map Explorer.

    And with Web Viewer Edition, heat maps created in desktop editions of Heat Map Explorer can be easily published to the web with no IT involvement.

Heat Map Benefits

Heat map visual analysis helps your organization navigate the future through improved visibility and control and more effective communication:

  • Increase Agility
    Improve business agility through quicker analysis, better decisions and more effective communication.
  • Reduce Risk
    Rapidly identify trouble spots, before they are out of control
  • Maximize Value
    Ensure that attention and resources go where they bring the best return.
  • Identify Opportunities
    Discover underlying trends that point to high-value opportunities.



  • Excel or CSV files or Access databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 or Sybase (Professional Edition only)


  • Group data dynamically to see details and patterns in context
  • Search and filter interactively on text and data characteristics
  • Use color schemes that give meaning to your data
  • Use multiple layout types to view data in different ways
  • Drill down with details


  • Share interactive heat maps with others
  • Send data directly to Outlook
  • Copy images and data to Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Export to PDF

Check out the Product Tour for heat maps and analysis controls supported by all our products.

Who Uses Heat Map Explorer Desktop Editions?

Heat Map Explorer’s ease of use and flexible deployment options are designed to make heat map visual analysis accessible to the entire enterprise. This yields a vital advantage in today’s rapidly changing environment in which the power to answer tomorrow’s questions needs to be in the hands of those who know them.

Heat map visual reports provide unprecedented visibility into the underlying trends, unique opportunities, and potential dangers that are critical input to setting and maintaining the strategic direction of an organization.
Heat maps enable managers to keep an eye on both the big picture and critical details to ensure that day-to-day performance aligns with business goals, and to communicate effectively with upper management and key stakeholders.
Heat maps enable analysts to rapidly analyze complex data and to communicate the results effectively through both managed and simple ad hoc reports.
Other Stakeholders
Heat maps dramatically improve communication of complex data to a broad range of stakeholders, including front-line workers, customers, and partners, significantly boosting organizational effectiveness and increasing the confidence of those with a vital interest in the performance of your organization.

Each edition of the Heat Map Explorer suite offers the full benefits of interactive heat map visual analysis while providing unique value targeted at particular uses and users.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Windows XP or higher
  • 1 GHz Pentium 5 or equivalent processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space for installation
  • Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access (versions 2000 or later)