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Getting Started

Introduction to Heat Maps
8 min

Learn why visual analysis is valuable and the types of problems that are effectively addressed with heat maps.

Introduction to Enterprise Edition
9 min

Learn the three major Heat Map Explorer editions and tour the capabilities of Enterprise Edition.

How To Prepare Your Excel Data
7 min

Learn how to clean up and prepare your data your data to import into Heat Map Explorer.

How To Import Your Data From Excel
5 min

Learn how to import your data from an Excel spreadsheet into Heat Map Explorer.

How To Configure Group Summary Info
4 min

Learn to use formulas other than sum when calculating the summary information for groups.


Project Portfolio Management, Part 1
9 min

Learn how to monitor project portfolio performance, diagnose problems, and assess the impact on strategic priorities.

Project Portfolio Management, Part 2
10 min

Learn to use benchmarking and project stage maps to anticipate problems. See a web portal & a project selection workflow.


Working With Time in Heat Map Explorer
5 min

Learn how to compare two time periods and how to analyze time series data in Heat Map Explorer.


Gaining an Edge Using Heat Maps

Do you enjoy reading Excel spreadsheets? Or staring at tabular reports? Are your tables and charts giving you the full picture of your business?

Learn how heat maps give you an edge by helping you understand and monitor large or complex sets of data. Find out how heat maps work and practical tips for using them for risk, portfolio and performance management. Discover how heat map usage differs between managers, executives and analysts, and how to collaborate to make better decisions.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • What is a heat map & how to read one
  • When and how to use heat maps for business analysis
  • How to use heat maps effectively across your entire organization
Gaining an Edge Using Heat Maps

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