About Heat Maps

How Can Heat Maps Help You?

Heat maps help you explore your data and find new insights that can improve your business. Use heat maps to find nuggets of information that can help you increase revenue and reduce costs.

Heat maps give you:

  • Deep Visibility
    Users can see up to 100,000 distinct elements on a single screen, organized by hierarchies or combinations of dimensions over 10 levels deep. This deep visibility enables them to uncover hidden problems and opportunities.
  • Data In Context
    Users can see their data in a business context. Box heat maps can show deep user-configured hierarchies while diagram maps can show data in relation to an organization, geography or business process.
  • Micro-Pattern Discovery
    Users can find anomalies, trends and allocations at a high level of granularity—patterns which are hidden in other visualizations.
  • A Focus on Relevant Data
    Users can visually focus on what’s relevant in their data by mapping important and urgent values to the size and color of elements.
  • Overview + Details Simultaneously
    Users can see a summary of the data while simultaneously viewing the details, enhancing communication between managers and their reports by allowing them to refer to the same visualization when discussing issues.

Learn more how you can use Heat Map Explorer Desktop to analyze data from Excel or SQL databases, or use Heat Map Explorer Enterprise Edition to integrate directly into your enterprise applications.

Urgency vs Importance

Separate urgent items from important ones with size and color

Data In Context

Group similar items together to spot context-specific exceptions

Overview + Details

See an overview of your data without missing critical details

Details On Demand

Hover over any item to see its data, or over groups to see summary data

Filters + Search

Slice your data in real-time to look at segments

Multiple Data Sources

Import your data easily from Excel, Access or SQL databases